We have REFORMATTED OUR CHILDREN'S SUNDAY MORNING PROGRAM.  Our children are not just learning to become Christian.  They are Christian.  They should see themselves as people who can bless others.  That's why we have made the following changes.
Starting in July, when the children leave the sanctuary after the children's sermon, they will go to a combined Sunday School/Church school where they will both learn about God and God's ways in the world and worship.  Parents can collect their children in class when adult church is over.  For the children who stay on, this will be followed by a "perk up for Kids (break and snack).  Then, during the adult Sunday school period at about 11:00 a.m., the children will be involved in Christian outreach work.  This may include making crafts as gifts, get-well and thank-you cards, care boxes for the military or shut-ins, and practicing singing and drama to edify the adults later. 
Our small class allows each child to receive a lot of adult attention, and the children and their parents decide for themselves whether the young ones will participate in the children's program or stay with their parents in adult church. 

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