Healing and Wholeness




God LOVES to see us well.  Our wellness was Godís plan for us all the way back to Eden.  Sin may have changed our understanding about how much God wants us well, but it hasnít change his love for us one whit.  God wants to restore us and help us order our lives and enjoy good relationships.  Sometimes change happens suddenly like it did to my leg on the afternoon Iíll tell you about in a little while.  Sometimes itís a process.  Either way, itís real, and itís good.  And, oh yes, God loves us ALL.  We donít have to be Christian to receive this blessing, so come and check out what Christian healing is like.   

God still heals!  Some people believe it.  Usually itís somebody who has already experienced it in some dramatic fashion, or itís someone who has seen it happen to someone they love.   

I once went to a church where people were supposed to be getting healed by God.  I didnít believe it, and I wasnít very interested.  My Dad was, though, and he needed help getting there.  It was my day off, so I drove him.   

I had begun suffering from back pain when I was about 18 years old.  It was caused by one leg being shorter than the other.  By the time I took Dad to that church, I was in my mid thirties.  I had just gone to a doctor to get fitted for a prosthesis in my shoe.  Otherwise, I didnít think about the short leg much.  Having the problem was a normal part of who I was, and, when the back pain became severe, seeing a doctor was the normal thing to do.   

While I was at that service, though, my leg grew out Ė not because of a realignment of my back and hip as usually happens, but by a stretching of my thigh and shin bones.  I became a believer in Godís healing that day!  I think my family already believed it, but after my leg grew out in their presence, they knew it wasnít just for the ďolden daysĒ any more.    

As illness, financial loss, and lack of medical insurance outstrips our conventional methods of bringing people to wellness, itís comforting to know that God still makes a difference.  Come and see.



God is good all the time!


We meet on the fourth Sunday evening of each month at 6 o'clock in fellowship hall.  Using the
parking lot on Westminster Street would work best for you.